Backyard Theater - Outdoor Movies

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Saturday Night

Movies Under the Stars


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The screen is much more impressive when a movie is playing, but the digital camera that I borrowed couldn't take good photos in the dark, so I did my best for the first two photos. You can also see the swimming pool in these four shots. The first well lit photo was taken from my hot tub and the second well lit shot was taken from my back porch.

Hot Tub

The center photo was taken first and it was taken with the flash on at the same time that I took the other two with the flash off. I designed my "swim-in" movie theater so that I could watch movies from my hot tub in the winter. I still need to mount my projector in a weatherproof enclosure to finish the theater.


One of my summer projects is to buy a cabinet to house this stack and mount everything in the tower to protect it from the weather. If you look carefully you can see the garbage bag that I wrap everything in when it is not in use to protect it from the weather. They are under the roof of my porch anyway, but the wind blows rain on them if they are not wrapped up in the garbage bag for protection. This equipment is off to the right side of the hot tub in the photos above.




I have a pair of these. One on each side of the screen.


I have two of these, both of them are underneath the deck. This is two different photos of the same subwoofer from different sides.


These are mounted under the eaves of the house because they are not designed to be installed out in the yard. The other speakers were designed to handle the weather gracefully so they are installed out in the yard.